Solar thermodynamic Dinamic 2.0

The “solar thermal” combines two environmentally friendly technologies:
the heat pump and the solar thermal collector.
Thanks to the physical pattern identical to the one of a normal solar thermal system and to heat pump components, solar thermodynamic represents the new technology frontier for heating water (up to 60 ° C), saving up to 85% from traditional systems, in an environmental friendly manner without damaging the environment.


The system consists of a heat pump (DHP2.0) that is installed togegher with solar collector (DCS2.0) and the tank (DVT2.0) which can be 150, 200 or 300 liters, depending on the different needs of hot water storage.


Through the refrigerant that runs in a closed circuit, the fluid enters the solar collector and reacts according to the sun, the rain, the wind, the temperature, etc.

During this process, the fluid warms in a more simple way compared to a heat pump.
After this phase, the heat is transferred to a heat exchanger trough a small compressor that heats the water.

The fluid cools down by transferring the heat and the circuit begins again.

Since the cooling fluid boils at about -30 ºC, the system works without sunshine and even at night, providing hot water at 60 ° C, 24 hours a day, contrary to a traditional solar thermal system.

Low consumptions

Dinamic2.0 is a system that allows to have domestic hot water with very low energy consumption, thanks to an high efficiency compressor and most of all to the heat exchange process.
For example, Dinamic 2.0 300, working 7 hours a day, consume 81.9 kW / h monthly, compared to conventional water heating systems, you obtain a saving of up to ‘85%.


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  • The thermodynamic heat pump DHP2.0

    The thermodynamic heat pump DHP2.0 is the soul of the system Dinamic2.0, is installed together with the solar collector and the tank, which can be 150, 200 or 300 liters, according to the different needs of hot water storage.

    Thermodynamic DHP2.0 is equipped with a sophisticated electronic control unit which allows to activate all functions.
    Intuitive and easy to use display consists of membrane keyboard and LCD display.

    Thermodynamic Heat pump DHP2.0 is small and easy to install thanks to the fact that can be placed either on the floor or wall.

    Size (mm)


    Ambient air 25 ° C, humidity 71%, temperature 55 ° C accumulation (EN 255-3)
    The measurements are made according to the standard ISO03744.
    The level of sound pressure is measured at 1 meter away from the external surface of the unit, outdoor and no channeling.
  • The thermodynamic solar collector DCS2.0

    The thermodynamic solar collector DCS2.0 is made of anodized aluminum with Roll-bond technology.

    Main features:

    • Its Weigh is only 8 kg: easy to transport and install
    • No glass, rubber or brittle materials
    • No overheating problems
    • No freezing problems
    • High damp resistance
    • Can be installed on the roof, wall, garden etc,.
    • The efficiency does not decrease with dirt
    • Maintenance is virtually nothing and long lived (over 25 years)

    Size (mm)


  • The thermodynamic tank DVT2.0

    Bollitore b

    The system 2.0 is equipped with the storage tank DVT2.0.
    Thermodynamic DVT2.0 is easy to install because its dimensions allow the easy passage through standard doorways.

    Main features:

    • Material: carbon steel.
    • Internal treatment: vitrification according legislation DIN.4753.3 UNI 9905.
    • Surface treatment: anti-rust paint.
    • Anode Magnesium.
    • Recirculation, electrical resistance probes and thermometer predisposition
    • Flanges: Ø 300-210 mm suitable for copper extractable exchangers installation
    • Stainless steel coil
    • Maximum operating temperature: 95 ° C
    • Insulation: rigid polyurethane (CFC-free) sp. 50 mm, density 40 kg / m3.
    • Coating: PVC sheet

    Dimensions and Technical Data


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