Integrated photovoltaic system Techtile

Active technology

Techtile System is a revolutionary system that transforms a roof from passive, with a simple covering function, to an active technology that contributes to the energy needs of the house.
The products of Techtile System are part of the category “integrated systems with innovative features” and allow you to have alternatives of architectural integrations, thanks to the flexibility of installation and the suitable covering plastics.
All Techtile components are built with best quality selected materials in order to offer durability and resistance to the weather and natural deterioration guarantees.

Techtile Range

Techtile Basic

The installation of Techtile systems needs the preparation of the roof with Techtile Basic system.
The revolutionary concept of Techtile Basic offers architectural integration and the possibility to install different types of solar systems on a single type of cover.

Techtile Smart

Techtile Smart is the new way of integrating the photovoltaic systems in roofs.
Techtile Smart consists of supports of different lengths on which are installed the photovoltaic modules. They are placed on the coverage Techtile Basic.
Thanks to its versatility, it becomes a unique tool for the designer who wants to add value to the home.

Techtile Basic

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  • Freedom to install

    Techtile Basic is a predisposition that can be a base to either:

    1 – Brick roofing tiles
    2 – Traditional photovoltaic modules
    3 – Techtile
  • Installation

    Techtile Basic can be placed on any type of coverage for normal tiles.
    Techtile Basic is available in single individual elements that can be installed on roofs made of wood, concrete or slats with normal screws and dowels.
    To facilitate the placement of Techtile Basic, we provide appropriate aluminum profiles, which fixed to the roof, allow you to install the tiles by easy joints.

Techtile Smart

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  • The application solutions

    Techtile Smart is a system that allows you to design photovoltaic systems of various shapes and sizes, thanks to the possibility to install the modules in different configurations.
    There are plenty of solutions to lay out the modules: vertically, horizontally or alternating with the brick elements of the roof.

  • Size

    Size (mm)
  • The components

    The components of Techtile Smart are:

    1 – Support and accessories in ASA polymer

    – Resistant to wear and hail

    2 – Photovoltaic module

    – Polysilicon latest generation

    3 – Protective cover Plus in polymer PMMA

    – Resistant to pounding and hail
    – High transmittance

  • The color range

    To achieve maximum integration with existing roofs, Techtile System and all accessories Techtile Smart have been developed in three different colours:

    1 – maroon
    2 – dark brown
    3 – sand
  • The cover Plus

    On Techtile Smart can be applied, as an accessory, a protective cover. The Cover Plus makes the plant Techtile Smart even more integrated in the roof of the building.

  • Produced energy

    To install 1 kWp of electricity there are required about 9 square meters of covered area with Techtile Smart and 11 square meters of covered area with Covered Techtile Smart Plus.

  • Installation and electrical connections


    Techtile Smart is laid down as a normal brick tile.
    The installation, which is done manually without the aid of any equipment, is easy and requires short time.
    InstallingTechtile Smart is easily done thanks to the “necessary step” determined by the predisposition Techtile Basic, which ensures perfect tile alignment, both horizontally and vertically.

    electrical connections

    The electrical connection of Techtile Smart system to the technical compartment is done as a normal photovoltaic system.

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