Inverter - Microinverter - Optimizers

For the control and management of photovoltaic systems, Invent provides the best technologies for inverters, microinverters and optimizers.

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  • Inverter

    High quality Inverter for high performance

    The inverter is one of the most important components for the right operation of the PV system, that’s why Invent uses only top quality inverters.
    This device is equipped with two independent MPPT and an efficiency that reaches 98.2%.
    In addition to innovation, the inverter is equipped with a new display.

    Key features:

    – Power converter without electrolytic capacitors
    – Dual input section with independent MPPT tracking system
    – Removable Wiring box for easy installation
    – Construction for outdoor use in any weather conditions
    – Ability to manage the active power directly from display
    – Flat efficiency Curves guarantee a high efficiency

  • Microinverter

    Microinverters to increase the efficiency of the systems

    As an alternative to conventional inverters, Invent’s systems can be equipped with special microinverter.
    The micro-inverter Enphase Energy increases the energy generated, increases reliability and significantly simplifies the design, installation and operation of photovoltaic systems.

    Key features:

    – Maximize energy production
    – Minimize the impact of shading, dust and debris
    – System availability over 99.8%
    – It’s a fourth generation product
    – More than one million hours of testing and five million units sold
    – Quick and easy design, installation and management
    – Monitoring and analysis 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
    – Low voltage DC, reduced fire risk
    – No single system vulnerabilities
    – Easy installation with cable Engage

  • Optimizer

    Electronic optimization of photovoltaic power on each module

    The electronics optimization consists of voltage converters (DC-DC) integrated into the PV modules to maximize the energy collection by a tracking, independently from the maximum power point (MPPT) of the module.

    Key features:

    – Up to 25% more power
    – Better efficiency (99.5%)
    – Costs reduction BoS (Balance Of System)
    – Quick installation thanks to the single attachment point
    – Advanced maintenance system by monitoring module-level
    – Reduction of voltage on the module for installers and firefighters safety
    – Used with 2 PV modules connected in series

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