Finishing and final packaging

In Invent the finishing of the modules is made by using a specific robot ABB that, without human intervention, engraves and packages the panels on four different platforms depending on the power certified while testing (sorting).

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  • A. Labelling

    The robot applies the indelible label (generated at the time of testing) certifying the power of the module.


  • B. Closure of the junction box

    The ductility of the robot is appreciated in an apparently simple action: closure of the junction box. ( The mechanical arm is able, simultaneously, to move an entire module, where power is needed, and to close a plastic cover, where it is required particular sensitivity and precision. )


  • C. Laser engraving

    The finishing station is equipped with a laser ray that allows the customized engraving of the frame of the modules. The operation, automatically managed by the robot, is set by the operator on a dedicated console commands.


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  • D. Cleaning and finishing

    Cleaning and aesthetic control of the modules are assigned to the responsibility of the operator who verifies the integrity and approves to package.

    In this phase, the robot waits for the confirmation of the operator to proceed to the packaging.


  • E. Packaging

    When finishes are completed, the robot takes on charge the packing of the modules by sorting, splitting automatically the modules on four different platforms depending on the verified power and the reference order.

    Once the work is finished, the operator have just to pick up the packaging and send them to the shipping area.


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