Modules XHP Alterna

The revolution of the photovoltaic module

Invent XHP Alterna is the first alternating current photovoltaic module.
With the module Invent XHP Alterna, to set up the photovoltaic system, is no longer necessary to prepare complicated technical spaces.
In addition to the module no other equipment is needed since the functions normally carried out, up to now, by the inverter outside, now are carried out by the module itself.

The modules XHP Alterna are supplied with only positive tolerance (0 / + 6%).

Technical features

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  • Components

    60 photovoltaic cells (class A) in the polycrystalline silicon

    Layers EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)

    Polyester base (PYE)

    Aluminum frame

    High light transmittance- solar prismatic tempered glass- 4 mm trick

    NanoClean Treatment


  • Size

    Size (mm)
  • Guarantees

    Power is guaranteed:

    the first year up to 97.5%,
    the 12th year >/= 90%,
    the 25th year >/= 82% of the power.

    Invent recognizes 12 years product warranty for construction defects and materials, extendable to 25 years.

    Electronic parts are guaranteed for 20 years by the replacement of components.


  • Certifications

    Invent photovoltaic modules are certified according to European standard IEC 61215 (Ed.2). The safety tests were performed according to IEC 61730 (protection class II).
    In the laboratory, the modules have passed all the tests of the test showing a high resistance to various types of stress.

    EN 61215 (2005) – 10.17
    Hail resistance test

    EN 61215 (2005) – 10.16
    Mechanical load test

    EN 61730-2 (2007) – MST 21
    Temperature test

    EN 61215 (2005) – 10.11
    Temperature cycle test (50 and 200 cycles)

    EN 61215 (2005) – 10.13
    Hot humid test

    EN 61215 (2005) – 10.12
    Moisture and freeze test


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  • Compact technology

    In form Invent XHP Alterna all technology is packed into a single dashboard mounted behind the panel.

    In the instrument panel is placed the control system and the management of the module with the alternating current output.

  • Independent modules

    Unlike standard systems, in a system with Invent XHP Alterna each module is independent of all the others: so if one were to have a problem even temporary (shadow, dirt, or failure), this will not result in a decline in the production of energy ‘whole system, but will limit its effect to only the affected module.


  • Increased performances

    In a photovoltaic system, the use of the modules Invent XHP Alterna allows:

    increase of the efficiency of the system up to 25%;

    yield optimized system with tilted and positioned modules differently;

    plant efficiency also with modules malicious;

    reduction of installation spaces;

  • Quick Connect plug & play

    The modules Invent XHP Alterna have special connections quick plug & play.
    The electrical connection of the modules has never been so easy and affordable for everyone.

  • NanoClean treatment

    The modules Invent are treated with a special nanotechnological process for maintaining the cleanliness of the panel in time.

    The treatment gives surfaces the permanent property of “thicken” the dirt or limestone favoring periodic cleaning.

    In the pictures you can see the difference in behavior of water and limestone on the surface treated with nanotechnology.


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