Invent Srl is a manufacturer of alternative energy systems and energy savings equipment, Invent is a young and dynamic Company that leans on a strong principle:
through technology and human intelligence a better future can be build. For better future we intend the achievement of a more peaceful state of man in harmony with the environment and nature in which he lives.
Photovoltaic technologies and Invent’s heat pumps are produced in modern factories in Noventa di Piave in the north-east of Italy. A highly automated production site that meets the most demanding quality standards.

Invent values

A future’s preview

Invent’s propensity is to invest in the future, perceive by intuition the directions of development and make choices that are ahead of their time. Invent operates in the field of photovoltaic since 2005, when, in Italy, the sensitivity for alternative energy was almost non-existent. It has been a rewarding choice.

Trust in man

The evolution of man has always happended through its ability to invent new techniques and technologies to grow. Invent believes in sustainable development where the man knows how to use smartly techniques to improve the quality of life. For this reason, we are costantly committed to develope solutions using, respectfully, renewable resources that Nature has provided.

Made in Italy

Fashion, art, engines and gastronomy are the fields in which the Italian genius reaches today the best results. Invent expresses the excellence of Italian technology: the design and the manufacture of photovoltaic modules and high quality technological systems.

Invent quality

Invent has been certified ISO quality management system in accordance with
UNI-EN ISO 9001: 2000 for: Design, development, manufacture and installation of photovoltaic systems and solar thermal.

Invent is also an active member of “PV Cycle” and is part of “Italian Photovoltaic Companies Group”.

Invent for you: the company for social

Invent for you is a division of Invent Srl devoted to the social work.

It’s well known that the main purpose of ``the companies`` is to generate profit through the production and sales of items and services, but Invent also thinks that the company must operate within an ethical framework, a framework of values where the product and the profit are engines to generate true progress, used to the well-being of man and community.
For this reason, through the division ``Invent for you``, our company wants to make a modest contribution to the society by training and diffusing culture, for the development of a more mature and right society where human relations’ value appears always as the most important thing.

Invent Srl
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